Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Knock Yourself Out With Quality Marijuana Strains

Finding the perfect marijuana strains and clones can be tough task. Most people get duped and end up buying low quality strains that are infested with mould and pests. If you are looking for marijuana clones for sale online, then Mr. Clone is the place you want to be. Offering over 30 strains of marijuana clones, Mr. Clone is one of the largest online portals selling only the best cannabis.
Growing marijuana requires the best quality strains and clones. However these are not available easily on the internet. Mr. Clone was created to solvethis problem and since has become one of the largest online portals selling a wide range of strains. Unlike other firms, Mr. Clone offers mother strains that come from seeds and not clones. This ensures that only the best qualities are passed onto the next generation of strains. Therefore the strain that you grow will be healthier, thicker and pest free.
Each strain is developed under proper care. The experts at the firm start working on your cuts as soon as you place the order, guaranteeing a timely delivery. During the growth, extra nutrients and amino acids are added to the strains. This not only makes your cuts healthier but provides you with a higher yield as well. Mr. Clone believes in providing the best strains to its customers. With the right technique you can achieve a yield with a THC level of 18%-22%.
Each strain offered by Mr. Clone has the characteristics necessary for plant to be grown from a seed. The branch pattern at the base is in pairs of two and there are concentric rings around the stalk base. In addition to supplying nutrients to the growing strain, a root enhancer is also added to get thicker roots. Thicker roots are a sign of a healthy plant. All the strains supplied by Mr. Clone have a large number of whites that are white and thick. Silica is used to ensure that no pathogens attack the strain by thickening the cell walls. Mr. Clone is the answer if you are looking for marijuana clones near me.
The various strains offered by Mr. Clone
Money Bush: The strain is Indica dominant. Therefore it is perfect for growing indoors and in limited space. Flowering starts within 7-8 weeks with huge a harvest. The strain grows easily even on low maintenance and has better yields than most strains. It is also highly resilient and known for its pain relieving properties.

Atomic Bomb: A cross between the legendary strain Chemdawg, Emerald Triangle Kush and THC Bomb it is one of the most sought after strains. The strain is mix of Sativa and Indica strains. It flowers within 8 weeks, with a high yield.  

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Superior Quality Clone – Now in Southern California

Are you in search of superior quality clones? If so then it is time to come to us and fetch the desired item of own choice.  Need not waste your hard earned money as we assure to provide the best items at nominal rate! You may easily place your order within a few clicks and we will deliver the same to your doorsteps within a few hours.
Fetch Superior Quality Medical Marijuana Clones
Our experts are here to recommend you superior quality medical marijuana clones about which everybody dreams.  For your kind information, they are considered to be cuttings from a plant, where genetic information is almost similar to that of the parent plant from which it has been duly created.
By opting for superior quality marijuana clones, you may easily avoid unnecessary strenuous activities. Along with a time saving deal your expectations regarding additional terms like genetics, yield, potency and many more will be met without including any strain. Also you need not wait for long in order to get your seeds germinated.
Taking a Plant Cutting – Has Proved
The procedure of taking a plant cutting has immensely proved to be the best method of propagating plants with the help of asexual reproduction. In such a method, a healthy shoot is cut and rooted for effective creation of a marijuana clone.  Cloning may take place in a natural manner to numerous types of plants in all types of environment.
It is we humans who have exploited this astonishing ability over years by selecting plants that particularly comprise of desirable properties thus cloning them in a highly secured setting.  Best clone companies in Southern California refers this single parent plant as mother plant. We take the clone from the mother when in a vegetative state.
Benefits in Association with Cloning
Though they can be easily taken from the plant while flowering, the marijuana clone must be in a state to revert to its vegging state first of all. Otherwise the process will get delayed thus leading towards the reduction of the quality of final product. It has come to our notice that cloning is highly beneficial to the cultivator in a multiple number of ways.

Firstly, it will be able to reflect the gender of the marijuana plant that is genetically identical to the parent plant. Secondly, it has become easy to save big bucks on seeds. It has become easy to produce large number of new plants that will go from clone to plant stage in a faster manner.