Thursday, 24 November 2016

Tip and tricks for your Cannabis clones

A lot of people are interested in cloningmarijuana or buying newly made clones, but they don’t know the next step of the process which is nurture & care. So to guide them and help them in keeping the pieces at their place I am sharing some tips and tricks.

·         Keep it moist: There should be a balance. Although clones love the misty environment but too much moistness can give an invitation to the molds and weeds. In the first week of growing the clone after cutting. One should keep it moist. Once they are in moist conditions then you can mist them from time to time.

·         Lend an extra hand: Your marijuana clones needs an extra hand to grow nicely. You can make use of cloning gel or powder or some mild solution of nutrients. The solution needs to be sprayed on the leaves of the clones. This extra help will promote their growth.

·         Choose a healthy parent: By healthy parent I mean a grown plant which is in good condition. The plant should be more than 2 months old when you cut a piece from it because older plant tends to be more mature. The piece taken from the younger plant will take far too much time to grow roots and sometimes they don’t grow roots at all.

·         First decide then cut: I am saying this because the piece which you cut decides the future growth of the clone. So before cutting check your motive. As if you cut the piece from the bottom of the plant then it will have a faster rooting on the other hand if you cut the piece from the top side of the plant then it will bear faster flowering.

·         Have backup too: Plant few marijuana clones extra than you require. So if any of your clones is not working properly then you will have extra to complete your number and will save the time to start the process from beginning again.

·         Labels keep you proud: You never know when and for what you will need to check your clone details and it is a fact that during the growth period clones tend to change their style. It’s better to label before than getting confused later.

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